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Default Re: FedEx...NEVER again.

SBP has only used USPS. We've had a very few misguided shipments. But the stuff made it. We've only had one box bust open, but everything was must have been drop kicked. USPS works for our business, but I doubt they ship whole bikes.

As for incoming - our growing list of suppliers use them all. All I can say is "Glad DHL is going under". No one could lose a package like DHL.

FedEx International STINKS. You guys would FREAK out if you saw what we pay in FedEx bills - and for what? Totally thrashed boxes.

UPS - I forgot to mention boxes they backed over.....

Here's the kicker - all these guys are too chicken**** to even leave a note or apology or try to make it right at the time. They just play doorbell dash! Leave a mutilated package and run.
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