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Default Re: Where can I find these?

Originally Posted by Walter F. View Post
The you have it, Jim at Creative Engineering knows as much or more about that part of a China Girl engine as the guy in China that designed it!!

Now you answer me a question, aren't you the guy who about 2 months ago was gonna put "these dangerous poorly made engines in a trash compactor"? How your poorly made engine fell of the bike? The orange bike with no pedals and a pipe thru the crank hole for foot pegs? Aren't you that guy?Glad to see you got over your little hissey fit and how's it been goin'? Walter F
I'm very impressed with the amazing accuracy of your memory, Walter. Or, maybe what I should be impressed with is that my "little hissey fit" made such an indelible impression. That, I think, is no small accomplishment considering the volume and intensity of the emotionally charged exchanges which have taken place, and are taking place in this forum, even as we speak. Yes, that was me, the flaming arsehole with the orange bike who vowed to never have anything to do with these dangerous things ever again.
Well shucks, guess I changed my mind. Hope that's allowed here.
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