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Default Re: Eric, Boston, MA USA. Hello! Plan on building motor bicycle in Puerto Rico next m

jonnyp929 you totally rock!

What a wealth if information!

One of the first barriers I've encountered is that not all ebay sellers ship to Puerto Rico. So I'll find one who does and then get a fair additional shipping charge for PR.

I'm trying to comprehend the 66/80 thing. Cc's should be the same everywhere because cc itself is a metric cubic centimeter. It sounds like you're saying it's the same engine. So I'm guessing it's a 66cc actual. But in China a 66cc is considered an 80cc class engine? Does that sound correct?

I agree, buying a pre-assembled engine will be better. I had settled on that particular un-assembled kit simply because that seller seemed to be much more interested in working with me on the shipping issue. But there is plenty of time to find the right package and seller.

The Huffy Cranbrook is also PERFECT! Exactly what I want. Before you mentioned that bike I was looking at a Huffy Santa Fe at KMart for $157 which looks very similar. I started looking for a bike at KMart because when we were in there last year in Puerto Rico they had what looked like a million bicycles.

I'm going to try and get the bicycle still in the box so that I can use the box to ship the bicycle back home here in Boston before I leave PR on January 9th.

I had initially wanted to store the bike their in PR but my Aunt seems to have changed her tune on that idea. We'll see what happens. Unfortunately I may end up shipping it back and forth every year. There are other possibilities such as finding a buyer instead. I would think it might sell easy at around cost, we'll see.

Fortunately I already have a bar-end mounted convex mirror. I wonder if it will work well.

I would imagine someone in here will have a great suggestion of a brand or type of headlight to buy. I'm thinking for safety's sake I should spare no expense on a good powerful headlight.
A tail light would also be good.

I'm feeling much more confident about all this with your help, I really really appreciate this and I'm sure once this is all said and done I will be able to help others in the same way.

Thank you! Eric, the AmericanRoadwarrior
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