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Default Re: FedEx...NEVER again.

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
I have only one statement about all the shipping companies:

They ALL thrash packages!!! It's equal opportunity thrashing.

So that said, it's best to outsmart them and make the package bulletproof. I would love to see how that bike was packaged.
yeah, i guess it happens sometimes no matter who the carrier is. just kind of luck-of-the-draw who takes it in the shorts on any given day.

the bike was double-boxed, for one. the front wheel was nestled on the right side, forks had a bolt w/nuts running across the span to keep forks from bending into each other, in case they layed box down and stacked $hit on top of it.. the guy says its obvious that the box was dropped on one corner. 68lb package.
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You are one sick man spun, I like that quality in a person.
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