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Default Re: what are some of the best mods to do?

Originally Posted by Danschutz View Post
I called him the other day and he highly suggested to not "notch" the piston on that motor. His motors are tuned for maximum power and it would hurt the timing.

Im still deciding if I want one of Daves "Big Block" top ends.
Neil, you have any thoughts on the Big Block Reed cylinder?

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving : )

i bet it would hurt the timing !!! those arrow jugs ports are tunned perfect , on a stock jug however ..... those ramps and a lil skirt cutting brings the timming to where it needs to be. a stock jug has to much deck hight and the port timing is to high up the cyclinder ramping the piston adds needed duration to the exhuast and transfers same as if you raised and widend them and trimming the skirt adds duration to the intake same as lowering the port hight.
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