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Exclamation Re: what are some of the best mods to do?

Originally Posted by rogergendron1 View Post

the grubee gt5 on the last pic has the mods listed. high comp head, port and polish with extra 3rd transfer port ground, tunned x chamber exhaust from arrow, arrows reed valve intake, delorto 16.16mm sha carb, and a modified piston ie .. ramps cut to modify transfer port timing and exhaust duration, and better bearings.

sells for like 600$ but can be built for less than half that if you have the mechanical know how
The Arrow Motorized Cycles Street Racer sells for only $499

Has an,
$85 CR Machine billet head.
$55 Torquer II pipe
$85 reed block
$50 Carb
$65 Pro reed ported cylinder
$90 PRO assembled GT 5 SkyHawk motor

The lower end bearings are not changed because there is nothing wrong with the stock ones which I think are Japanese in the Skyhawk.

I don't think there are any piston ramps on the Arrow Street Motor.
It does have good port timing though. I will ask Dave.

The best mod bang for the buck is an expansion chamber.

What do you mean by a straight pipe for a 2 stroke?
Straight pipes sort of work on 4 strokes.

The Rock Solid reed valve is a joke as it is sized for a 30 cc motor not these 66cc to 69cc motors

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