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Originally Posted by iungerich1 View Post
Ok so i just got my bike built a week ago and its kinda lacking in the speed department. i was wondering what are some of the best mods to do to it to maybe help improve the speed? i was thinking about getting a new carb ( as i am running the stock one now and dont really like it) which do you recommend?
should i get a new air filter? which do you recommend?

thanks for the help
Welcome to the forum.
I assume you have a China girl of some kind?

There are a few stock carbs so which one do you have? What don't you like about it?

Have many more questions than answers seeing who knows what your build is?

Posting a pic would help.

Do you tackle hills where you ride and how are you proportioned?

Changing the rear sprocket is an easy and effective way to speed.

How fast are you going now?
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