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Default Re: Optimal Tire Pressure for High Speed Riding

After racing for so long- I usually tend to feel the recomendations on larger tires especially are sort of a joke-

there's just so much friggin rubber there.

I'm thankful i'm not racing around on sew-ups bombed up to 100 psi or so- because that indeed was and is a tenuous situation-

but anything clincher- unless made really poorly can handle 75 as far as I'm concerned-

and the only thing I like at all about larger tires- beyond a higher profile to save heavier rims from damage- is the fact that they don't blow out as fast and then still have all sorts of rubber over the rim to get slowed down and stopped

a sew-up tire would go up like a firecracker and big trouble on a front rim in a corner or on a descent- a 700C clincher of anykind has a lot more margin of error even in a blown out situation-

a flat on a cruiser rim is just a pain in the ass, but I guess could be a problem in a corner if you don't notice it going flat.
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