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Default Re: A better gas tank

I will try to explain the pix. The first is a homegrown 2" Scotch Brite burnishing belt made from an 8"cast iron caster trued on the lathe and a 6" rubber coated iron one with a peaked profile for tracking. It is invaluable. #2 is the beginnings of my impression of a 1910 Pierce fork. The 3rd is the Pierce The front fork has a central coilover shock. I am using 2 valve springs on a fork stem with the top race and nut stopping the fork from getting out of the 1/4" plate. #'s 4,5,6 are the H-D Silent grey fellow,7-10 are Glenn Curtiss's 1911 Marvel. A real sweety. The rear shieve could be made from a clothes dryer pulley cut out and fastened to the rim ala Glenn. It would require much jigging to get it concentric. #11 is another shot of the Pierce. The front and top frame tubes were fuel, the rear, oil. That's all for this batch. Go to my last post and we'll talk about the rest. KW
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