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Originally Posted by KenX View Post
I'm just in the old mold. I'm sure it's good oil, but I'm hard set in my ways and I would never mix at this ratio.

KenX i have 66cc that has been run 100-1 opti2 from day one . even broke it in at 100-1.
it now has 2000 trouble free miles. runs like a striped azz ape.

i just pulled the motor off to do some port work and mill head.

i checked the ring gap, same as new i checked befor fireing it up the frist time and i used my bore gage and no wear in cylinder bore. try that with 30 wt at 30-1 20-1 or what ever.

you just need to tune the carb for 100-1. getting 145 mile per gal.

plus no smoke, no stink, no unburnt oil all over every thing.

so just stay in the stone age good luck.

Don P
I think using opti 2 is like having sex for the first time, worried and nervous till it over, then love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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