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Default Re: 300 $ to blow on a china girl.....

i have acsess to a cnc bridgeport milling maching and a lathe so the stock jug is going to be decked and the intake surface will be milled down like the arrow big block jug just not as far and also i will be milling a boost port or mabey 2 skinny boost ports side by side going up the intake . i just need to research where to end the top of the boost port, what the average size the third transfer should be and sutch, and i will be ready for adding the 3rd transfer or 2 smaller transfers side by side. i am not the average guy who barely knows what he's doing though lol i am 32 and have been restoring vintage honda ATC's (the 3 wheeler) since i was 16 ! i know a good amount about engine dynamic comp and valve train componants and yes 2 stroke port timing so i know i can port a jug to do what i want.

the question is ... is it worth the extra money to go with the reed valve set up from arrow ? or just stay with a piston port motor ?

my current grubee gt5 has all the mods possable except for reeds and is a 40 mph bike ! so i do not think they are necacary for speed, but probably do help atomize and meter fuel witch means better milage more low end power and quicker responce.

i could run the volumizer intake from fred with my current CNS v3 carb and it probably would be sufficiant enough to get up to 40 and haul me around town without a problem but i am looking for a 1 shot deal here, i want to build it so there is nothing left to do to it, one stop done . so what i do to it now will be final and i dont want to be wondering if well mabey i should have got this instead or done that to it before.... nope i want the best most reliable set up off the bat and have it make the most power it can.... is that too much to ask ? lol

now i keep lookng at the walbro stage 3 carb from jnm motors, its boared to 15.75 mm so its larger than the delorto and i know from experiance that the walbro carb is a quality piece of hardware and they have an increadably quick throttle responce and are easy to tune as there are no jets, i just can not seem to find any feed back on people using this set up ! i would srsly like to here from people who have it or even from people running the smaller walbro carb the 14mm one ! or any walbro carb for that matter .

the next set up i was eyeing was freds pwer plenum intake and a mikuni carb or dellorto carb, i like the volumizer prinsipal and it seems that fred has put a lot of effort into making the chamber volume just the right size to hold a decent charge for our china girls. this intake i would imagine gives a good boost when comeing off the throttle and rolling on again

then there is always the shorty billit type intake and the cns or dellorto carb

and lastly i could just get the arrow reed valve kit and a dellorto carb or mikuni carb

the 2 i am realy torn between is the arrow reeds and carb or the jnm motors walbro carb and adapter. i just dont know and am not shure yet lol
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