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Default Re: 300 $ to blow on a china girl.....

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
I'd go with the Dax (or similar)balanced bottom and port the top end for a nice wide powerband. That's my plan for the new balanced bullet I recently ordered from motorbicycleracing.
Keep the revs down without sacrificing rideablility.
yes i have heard that motorbicycleracing has balanced motors, are they the same 69/70cc balanced motors as the dax ? whats the cost ? and how does one go about getting one ?

my grubbe gt5 does not vibe that much believe it or not i have had it up to 9,300 rpms trying to blow it and she just wont quit lol it only has 2,500 miles on it and she runs smooth, i got real lucky with this one .

then again ..... i know the 212 preddy will get impounded right off the bat the cops around here are not stupid and know there stuff about moped laws, i have been stopped 3 times and asked about the motor, i say its a 50 cc bike motor kit and they say cool and let me go, i know if it was a honda gx or a brigs 5 hrs it would have been taken !
but the preddy 79cc stripped down mounted vertical looks like a large 50cc and i could probably get away with it if i slapped some 50cc generic stickers on it

would the 79cc preddy be worth it and powerfull enough if i have the stock cam shaft sent out and rewelded and ground for higher liftand good duration, also i have valve cutting tools for a 3-5 angle valve job, it will also be degoverned, and a custom intake manifold and atv carb would be added and the head would be decked for 10.5:1 comp. so preformance mods are open to me with this motor. i know what i am doing with 4 stroke valve train. i am just wondering if a 79cc 4 banger will be enough for a trike if its a single speed ?

i can get the preddy 79cc and a torque a verter and mod it all for around 300$ also
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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