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Default 300 $ to blow on a china girl motorized bicycle.....

ok i have 300$ to blow on a china girl, the 4 stroke trike is off... well the trike is on but my dad brought up a good point on the legality of a 212cc 4 banger custom trike .... if its going to happen its going to happen to me lol he said how would you like to get done building this thing and drive by a cop reving a 200 pluss cc 4 stroke strait piped that sounds like a harley with no plates and have it confiscated and go to court ? i said ummmmmm .... lol and its not like the china girl where you can not tell the diff between a grubee gt2 50cc and a dax f80 70cc motor, a lot of people know what a 6 horse 200cc motor looks like and most cops will see it in a second and know its not 50cc.

so i am taking the 300$ i have left from my trike fund for motor hop ups for the preddy and dumping it into a rock solid china girl.

option 1

-keep the bottom end from my grubee gt5 66cc 0$
-keep the 70cc puch high high head 0$
-get the arrow 3rd transfer port grubee jug and reed valve kit with dellorto carb 190$
-dax rt dellorto carb cable 20$
-titainium wrist pin 12$
-grubee gt5 piston 10$
- custom x chamber pipe for wide power band racing 0$

cut and mod piston skirt for optimum reed valve preformance and ramp piston dome
deck arrow grubee jug for correct squish band clearance with puch head
some custom paint VHT high heat .

tottal cost 220$
this would use my grubee bottom end (not balanced, but close as is and with 2,500 miles on it) and i would end up with a gt5 arrow street racer, basicaly an unbalanced version of there 4.5hp race motor useing the puch head instead of the fred head, will net the same compression though, only it would have a wider squish band for a lil more midrange less top end and a lil less over all rpm's

option 2

-dax balanced motor 70cc 120$
-puch head 0$
-15.75mm stage 3 walbro carb carb kit 125$
- titainium wrist pin 12$
-custom made exhaust 0$

tottal cost 257$

ok this would be one bad larry of a piston port motor especialy with the 16mm walbro butterfly carb ! i am shure with a light wrist pin and cut modded piston and a full port and polish and the throttle responce of a butterfly carb i would be looking a a real quick reving, high rpm motor right in the ballpark preformance range of the arrow option.

i would ramp piston and cut skirt
port and polish the jug mabey add a 3rd transfer port or run open transfers
deck the jug for optimum squish with puch head

will be run to a live rear axle with 2 26in rear tires and a 40t rear sprocket

what would you guys recomend if you had a 300$ limit to build a china girl but already own a grubee gt5 bottom end ? dump it and start new or use it and go all out ?
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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