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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Intrepid Wheelwoman View Post
Last night I completed my Wu Yang/Solex build. Well insofar as any bike can be said to be completed that is.

I purchased my Wu Yang brand new and all shiny when I was studying to be a social worker a good few years ago now. Being a poor student the Wu Yang was totally reliable transport for me and when I started work after qualifying my Wu Yang continued to provide sterling service until I could afford to buy a car (1954 Morris Minor). On fine days I would still sometimes ride the Wu Yang, - only as traffic increased and riding conditions became more dangerous I had to admit defeat and my lovely Chinese bicycle ended up out of use dangling from the garage rafters.
The red saddle bags date back to my student days and when I discovered that I still had them, back on the bike they had to go

I really enjoyed the summertime pictures! I am in the middle of a freezing rain/ice storm as I type.

Neat story, also!
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