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Default Custom sprocket or what just happened?

The Black Ox is a 29 inch wheel cruiser with a 49 cc H/S motor in it. With the 29 inch wheels and the supplied 48 tooth sprocket it is just geared way to high. The bikes lugs down and vibrates on initial take off and just goes way too fast for me. The simplest way to fix the problem is to add a larger (more teeth) rear sprocket. I found Kings sales and sprockets and ordered me a custom sprocket.
On trying to order on the web site I saw that Kings will drill a sprocket for a Manic adaptor or any other hole pattern a user may need, but in trying to communicate through the order process I found no way to do that. So a simple phone call was in order. When I called the number on the web site I got an answering service for several business, but was assured that I could at some point in the order process I could plug in the details. So I went back to the site and tried once more and went all the way to the Pay Pal page and never got the details punched in. Another call resulted in the same thing and another trip through the web site resulted in me completing the order of a basic 55 tooth alum. sprocket. On that trip Pay Pal deducted $59.25 from my debit card and at no time could I enter the very important detail of needing a hole pattern to fit the Manic adaptor.
Since the placement of the order on 11/14/2013 I have called 4 times and left massages about the required hole pattern, I have written 3 notes to them on the comments page and have not had a call back or a phone call returned to me or an email response or even the acknowledgement of receiving my note. Today 11/22 I called asking for shipment tracking information and have not had the call returned.
If you have dealt with these guys, how did you do it? Will they talk to you? What just happened?
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