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Default Re: interesting experiance, trying to blow up a china girl !!

ok here are some more views of the ports i hope to get high enough rpm's to blow my motor with .

as you can see the transfers are much larger than stock, as in deeper and wider and thicker even though the opening is the same size. this is because the side wall is gone and all the space it took up is now available for fuel flow leaving only the side of the piston itself as a restriction and even that has been minimized and smoothed out by cutting raamps for flow.

the timing is set so the intake is open almost .4 in before the exhaust is fully closed, this is due to the massive cut in the skirt coupled with the deep porting on the bottom of the intake port itself. i am hopeing that opening the intake as soon as possable will help suck as mutch fuel in as possabl. why open it before the exhaust is closed ? well the upward stroke of the piston at high rpms creates a suction that can start to draw fuel in even before the exhaust closes of and it works much better with an exhaust tunned for this. though it cant work if the skirt is in the way lol.
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