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Default Re: interesting experiance, trying to blow up a china girl !!

just checked my bike over and damn it .!!! my rear hub is worn bad !!! lol its catching in a spot and gripping the tire so it wont spin freely and there is drag on it all the time , but not enough to make it so i cant pedal it it just makes it hard to pedal and is prob limiting my speed .

i may get a new air filter and swap my rear tire out to a free wheel or just swap the motor on to my diamond back mt bike until i get a new hub

i guess a cheap wal mart 100$ beach cruiser hub cant stand up to 30 - 40 mph speeds for weeks strait ! ROFLAO !!!!

i think the break syst inside is compleatly worn to sht and gripping the hub

man she sounded like she was crying lol

well i am going to ride it no air filter and worn hub and all until it blows lol !!!

had it up to 36 mph and 8,556 rpms with no filter and a hub thats locking up !!!!

man she sounded like she was crying lol
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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