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Default Re: interesting experiance, trying to blow up a china girl !!

ok back from a ride ....

i have no proof of speed although i realy did try !!! i taped a gps to the bars and tryed to video it with my phone but its too dark and the screen just looks like its all blury and u can not make out the numbers .

so here are the stats any way if you wana take my word for it ...

i got her up to 36.7 mph top speed i saw on the gps so far tonight and most riding was on lvl ground. so engine gear ratio is 4.1:1 and with a 44t drive ratio is 4.4 to 1 and 26 in tires at 36 mph is 8,556 rpm ... not bad

i was riding along and all of a sudden i lost power big time !!!!! i was going 32 or 33 and all of a sudden BBBWWWWWAAAAAA.... its like its not getting enough gass and dropping in power rappidly !! ohh yeh i thought here comes the bang so i brace myself and nothing happens.... i just slow my ars down to a put put and shut it off. i give the motor a look over and low and behold the air filter broke off the carb !!!! lol the rubber piece that joins the filter part to the ruber carb conector seperated from the vibraton ! i guess it wont run correctly without the air filter ! for the life of me i coul d not find it so i putted home lol

time to order a nerw CNS ccarb air filter

any one know where to get one ?

sick bike parts has a 90 deg one that looks nice but will it fit the CNS v3 ?

ohhh and i promise a video when its light out lol i hope i can rig up a makeshift air filter untill then
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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