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Default Re: interesting experiance, trying to blow up a china girl !!

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
Your rpm's at 40.7 mph are 9500

20 tooth bevel gear to 82 tooth clutch gear = 4:1 to 1

Did you measure your tire diameter?
Most cruiser tires are 26.5" diameter which would make your RPM's 9,300

If you were going 35mph your RPM's were 8100
Thank you ! Can you help me acuratly measure engine rpms ?

Whats the motor gear ratio at the small sprocket?
Whats the gear ratio with a 44t rear ?
Tires are 26 in

So if i was going 40 with 26in tires and a44t sprocket my rpms were 9,300 ? Than i should be able to make a larger diamiter and shorter intake manifold and gain a few more rpms ! I want to break 10,000 and the motor ! Lol and i want it on record via video and speed recorded by app or gps . Mabey i will mount my gps on my bars and video the ride for proof of speed and rpms from math . I want to see if i can psh 11,000 before she blows ! I am real close to 10,00 now so with the larger porting and mabey a larger and shorter intake than the off set one i am running now i can get her there. I have a cns carb 16mm, offset z intake, and major porting and piston mods with a puch 70 high high head . I can run at 9,000 rpms no problem for miles ! I wonder how well reed valve setup would help gain rpms or if its just helping meter fuel and block of the intake at the down stroke .
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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