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Default Re: interesting experiance, trying to blow up a china girl !!

Originally Posted by rogergendron1 View Post
OK SOB !!! to go 40mph with a 44 t sprocket i must have been reving her close to 11,000 rpm!!!

tire size 26in
10 t drive and a 44 t rear = 4.4:1 rear axle ratio
motor ratio is 5:1 reduced i think
and speed was 40 miles an hour i believe ... i was passing cars going 35 !

those numbers give me and engine rpm speed of 11,372 !!!

using this calculator

even if i say i was only doing 35, the same speed fo the cars i quickly passed the rpms would be ......... 9,951 !!!
26in tire, 44t rear sprocket, stock front sprocket, 40mph = what rpm ???
Your rpm's at 40.7 mph are 9500

20 tooth bevel gear to 82 tooth clutch gear = 4:1 to 1

Did you measure your tire diameter?
Most cruiser tires are 26.5" diameter which would make your RPM's 9,300

If you were going 35mph your RPM's were 8100

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