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Default Re: interesting experiance, trying to blow up a china girl !!

ok i get the top end all apart and look at the jug, piston, head, and plug..........

What the heck ????

it all looks perfect ! lol

i meanthe plug is perfect color
the jug looks clean no glazing no scraches, no scuffs
the piston is clean, not to bad looking, no real scratches or scuffs
the head combustion chamber is clean !

so i grabbed at the dremal again thinking lol i will port the intake wide open to allow for way more fuel flow. so i did i ported it WIDE OPEN in an upside down D shape the flat of the D on the top of the port and the bottom of the D at the bottom of the intake port. i must have opened it up 3.5mm down from stock and 3mm wider over all leaving the roof ported as far up as i could go before exposing the bottom of the top piston ring lol about 1mm. the ports are now maxed out as a wide open top end race bike would have bolth are D shape ports (the exhaust D is faceing the top of the jug)
then i ground the ramps as far up the piston as i could and made them wider and steaper .
i drilled out the wrist pin even more lol its real thin now

so i get it all back together and think this is it !!! a midnight ride to blow my motor !!!

i get it running, with ports that big its hard to start in the cold. and they are so big now it cant get enough fuel to idle so i adjust the idle a full turn in to make it idle right . now that its tunned i go for a ride ....

right off the bat once its running and tunned i hammer the throttle wide open and see whats up !!!! she takes off slow from a dead stop but she does take off faster than stock, so it looks like i lost some bottom end from the perfect preformance street tune i had before but still more power than stock .
once i hit about the lower mid RPM's she started taking off like a rocket !!! she ripped down the street picking up speed faster than she did before and kept picking up all the way to around 40mph and hovered there ... this is on a stock 44t rear ! so i cranked on the throttle so it was ALL the way open and to my suprize there was no bogging but she sped up some more !!! lol i have no idea how fast i was going but i am dead shure DEAD SHURE i was going over 40 lol i passed cars going the speeed limit 35mph !

man i rode the bike at WOT for 30 min non stop expecting it to blow and nothing lol
so i rode home at all the way WOT for another 30min and nothing so i rolled into my back yard and shut her down and put my hand on the puch head .... nothing !!! not even hot lol i could hold my hand on the head !!!!!

whats up here how long do you guys think this will take to blow like this ???
any way more tomorrow....

i will keep you guys updated on my china girl beat down untill she goes .
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol

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