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Default interesting experiance, trying to blow up a china girl motorized bicycle !!

some of you may or may not know i am converting my beach cruiser to a 212 cc predy trike. and i have been tryng to blow my china girl by riding it like i stole it and reving the p!SS out of it !

so wile i am doing this i would like to not that i have a grubee gt5 with a puch 70cc hi hi head and massive porting, i mean like as far as you can go ... actualy i cut right though the top of of the exhaust port to the fins raising it lol i fixed it by JB welding in between the 2 fins and then ported even further !!! the piston has been massivly ramped for exhaust and transfer ports, and i have a custo x chamber exhaust and a tunned cns carb with a long custom intake manifold.
the fuel i run is 93oct mixed 40:1 and i add 1.5oz of lucas oil upper cylinder lube to the fuel.

ok now its been 3 weeks so far ridding like this !!!! i do this to and from work and that is a 5 mile ride down long country back roads .
i have been riding at WOT and i mean WOT !!!! fully open and reving as far as she will go and cruising along at 40 mph average with a 44t rear sprocket !!!!!!!!!!!!

i mean i must have put 250 miles on her this way trying to blow it and she is still running strong ! its almost like she wants to run like this lol !

so i pull my motor apart just a few hours ago and check to see what the damage is from all this super hard ridding ......

see next post to cont.....
here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol
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