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Default Re: super light friction drive for emergency.

Originally Posted by toker_ace View Post
I would like to build a super small - lightweight friction drive to have in case of emergency. Yesterday I was about 5-8 miles from the shop riding with that s__t eating grin when all of a sudden my bike just died. Out of gas!!!Grrr! So, what if we came up with a small lightweight friction drive unit just for emergency power? What do you guys think? makes a friction drive that you can carry in your back pack and can install in a jiffy.

25 cc at 3.5 HP so they scream too. I rode one at the races and it was a blast
at 14,000 rpm.....

they cost about $800 and are mainly sold to down hill mountain bike guys that spend a lot more than that on their bikes.

so how about just making your ride reliable?
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