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Default Re: Your build on a $1000 budget?

Originally Posted by Danschutz View Post
Its nice to know that at least 60% of people on this forum have "POS" bicycles. How do they survive?
Simple, they ask for help for whats wrong with them here, hence why there are so many HELP! topics for bikes built with poor kits on bikes that have no chance of taking motor power for long ;-}

I gave my suggestions for what I consider solid options with a grand for a bike budget, and sure I can build 2 really nice 2-stroke direct drives to have a spare on that budget, my point is simple, you can build a really nice trouble free comfortable performance machine with that budget so why build 2 things not near as enjoyable to ride?

To me that philosophy is like saying why buy that nice BMW when you can buy 2 Yugo's for the same price?
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