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Default Re: Motorbike Owners In Vegas

Okay, thanks for the replies. I just thought it might be fun to ride down the strip, at night, with all the lights and everything. I will probably do it anyway just because I want to. I have a DOT helmet and rear and front lights. I don't ride like a crazy person and I always obey traffic laws. I'm just glad I don't need a motorcycle license or a plate. I will be traveling in my motorhome and was thinking of staying at Kings Row RV Park, near where Fremont Street turns into Boulder Highway. Once I am parked, I will use the bike to get around. I was thinking of staying a week since the RV park rents a spot with full hookups for only $80/wk + electricity and tax, that's a great deal!! The only thing I am not sure of is when I will go. I was thinking of waiting until after New Year or maybe even waiting until early spring depending on the weather, so I'm not sure exactly what dates yet. I might even bring a friend who has a motorbike too (if he wants to go), we ride together all the time around here. Anyhow, thanks for the info Risingsunn, those trails look awesome to ride! I would love to try the one by Lake Mead. It would be great to ride with you guys, locals always know the best places to go. I will let you know when I will be in town.

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