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Default Re: New owner from Illinois

Originally Posted by paintgun View Post
I have about 20 miles or so on it. Having some 4-stoking problems. Gonna dump the stock carb for a Speed II. Heard they were better than this one.
Don't expect any real performance gains from the 'Speed' carb. You currently have the venerable NT style carb which is one of the best and easiest to work with and will perform just fine unless you want to go racing.

My suggestion is to give it some time. The Chinese 2 stroke engines do not break in quickly. 200 to 300 miles will be required before you should start looking for the best performance. Your 20 miles won't tell you much as far as how the engine will ultimately perform. Give it a chance and do some reasearch here on break-in procedures. There are a lot of opinions on this so you'll need to read and do what seems right to you.

I just looked at your bike again and the rear sprocket looks to be possibly a 48 tooth. What tooth count is it? Remember, the bigger the rear sprocket, the slower the bike will be. Nevertheless, don't rush into making changes until you accrue some miles.

Good luck, have fun and ride safe.

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