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Default Re: What Kit is this PLz look!

Originally Posted by misteright1_99 View Post
Here is a pic of the Flying Horse/ RAW engine by a representative of the factory, from another thread, that states this is what a "legal" EPA sticker looks like. I really didnt pay much attention to the sticker as I did the quality of the casting of the engine. The first thing I noticed was the misformed and bent fins, then the hole in the cylinder near the intake, from improper casting. I told the Rep. that if this was represenative of an EPA approved RAW engine, I would rather have an unapproved engine.
I agree! That's a pretty shoddy kit, i'd be furious if i found one of ours in that state! JEEZ. My problem with this sticker business is just that. Its a sticker. In UK im pretty sure you need a stamped plate, not access to a stationers and a printer!
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