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Default Re: Your build on a $1000 budget?

Its nice to know that at least 60% of people on this forum have "POS" bicycles. How do they survive?

I think if we were building "quality" most of us wouldn't worry about buying a china girl engine. But here we are building them, they are fun, mostly reliable and inexpensive if you want them to be. Some would suggest that a Micargi isn't a good bike to build on but Im not a snob when it comes to building these cool little bikes, or helping someone pick out their first guitar or car upgrade. Sure there is plenty of great stuff out there but to each his own.

I would highly suggest reading through this forum and even calling and chatting to some of the vendors as they are really helpful and as far as I can tell great spokespeople for this hobby. Look around Craigslist and your local paper to find great deals and even giveaways of some fine bicycles.

Start with a good strong foundation and take your time. Im just a newbie to all this but whats been suggested here echoes through pretty much any hobby you'll ever have.

Best of luck!

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