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Default Re: New Saddle for an Old Horse

Your Husqvarna (Viking) sewing machine is a tough little sweetheart. I used to do a lot of leather work making stuff out of elk hide, mostly moccasins, mukluks, bags & such and always going through multiple layers of leather, at least two and sometimes three thicknesses..

Besides being able to punch through thick leather I really liked how slowly it went in the gear down mode... like 4 wheel drive. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting to sew leather, vinyl, denim, canvas. Just great machines. I've had three or four of them through the years, always bought used. The ones made in the 1950's which are green and more rounded are great buys. They don't do fancy stitching, but neither do I. Forward, reverse, zig zag for strength when you need it. Simple, straightforward machines.

Your seat is going to be top notch!
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