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Default Re: Your build on a $1000 budget?

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
on a fixed budget, I'd be somewhat conservative in getting dependability

two cheap. used bikes, two HT kits = $500

have two running to be sure of getting there & $500 left for repair parts
No kidding crassius?
If you had $1000 to build reliable transportation you would just throw a cheap kit on a used bike not just once but twice to make two POS's and save the extra money for the inevitable time consuming repair cost to continuously patch up crap that will always be crap?

I see having a second ride at home for if your primary has an issue and won't start but that won't help you out on the road and now you have a repair or down to one POS.

Is it just me or is that about the worst advice you could ever give anyone with a grand in hand that wants reliable?

Crassius, you should try a quality new engine and bicycle build investing some time into doing everything right the first time sometime because believe it or not quality from the start pays for itself and then some not to mention the relief from the constant fixing aggravation.
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