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Default Re: Your build on a $1000 budget?

You have a nice budget to build with.. I can't recall the last time my bank account had that much in it, lol. Of the four I've built so far, the 5-Star cruiser is the most expensive at around $400-$450 invested.. ($150 for the motor; another $100 in the carb, exp. chamber, and misc hardware etc.; $125 for the bike from CL; plus my time spent on the motor clean-up, install, and tinkering to get it all the way I want it; a few cans of spray paint etc).

Decide on what bike you're going to use as a base. Since it's going to be your primary transportation, make sure it's comfortable and that it fits you right. Be sure to consider cargo capacity (carriers etc) because you will need it sooner or later (if nothing else then just to carry your lock(s), rain gear, and tool kit). You can buy from yard sales, CL, or even new for that budget.

Study up a bit around here for the motor. Myself, I've only worked with two stroke China Girls so far but I have read good things regarding some of the four strokes out there, especially in terms of reliability. That'll be a big factor for you in your 'main transportation'.


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