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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by truckd View Post
Yes a little more info would really be helpful! I have been dealing with Dax for a while and have found that they don't mess around with false claims and BS.

Dax engines are built in America from superior components, a balanced patented fly wheel/crank, about the only thing you get from China is the case, cylinder and head but then again all those pieces are basically re-engineered as well.

I have been re-building engines out of the box and just about everything is re-engineered and parts are replaced with quality components so you could basically say my engines are built in America too.

I am curious what Neil has and at what price he offers for an engine (complete, no kit)
Neil has a post up on Freds (CR Machine) Facebook page, the page is called China Girl Lovers Club. Some pretty good stuff in there. Also check out Neils FB page while your at it

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