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Default Re: Your build on a $1000 budget?

if you're gonna go the 2 wheeled route, a great way to keep costs down is to start with an older american bike. scour craigslist and ebay, swapmeets, garage sales, etc.

i've never spent 1000 on a complete build. usually half that at most.

i've built quality bikes for a lot less than most people spend on a new walmart build.

money saving tips:

build your own wheels. you can drill out almost any rim and hub to take bigger spokes, or find a used set from an older heavy duty american bike. a lot of them had 12g spokes in the 70's.

find a cheap powder coater for paint. i've got a guy here that will strip and powder a frame and fork for 80 bucks. that's cheaper than all the paint strippers, sandpaper, spray paint, etc that you'll need to do a bike right. plus it saves a heckovva lotta time and work.

build it right the first time.

cheap parts will wear out and break. if you think you're saving money on a cheap set of wheels you'll spend more in the long run to replace them.

if you're not running a jackshaft through the nuvinci hub, forget about it. you don't need gears if you ain't pedaling.

since you have the welder, you can make your own mounts, reinforce stuff and make pipes, tanks, etc.

whatever motor you decide on, none of them are indestructable. china 2 strokes are cheap for a reason. sometimes you get lucky and get one that'll go thousands of miles with little problem, others fail right out of the box.

there's a wealth of info in this forum. keep reading and you'll find what you want...
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