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Default Re: spray can paint job.

I brush painted my 1954 Morris Minor 'British Racing Green'. First I applied two coats of primer rubbing down with fine grade wet and dry paper used wet and after that four coats of the top colour again with rubbing down in between each coat. i used a inch wide soft camel hair brush and made sure the paint was properly stirred and thinned before applying it. It took me a while to do, but my old Morrie looked beautiful when she was done. People wouldn't believe me when I said I'd brush painted her
I also restored damaged paint on a royal blue 'Malvern Star' frame by sanding and hand painting the affected areas. I didn't know where to get new decals for the frame so by using this method I was able to work around them.
I'm not the world's best rattlecan spray painter anyway, and besides I find that with a brush it's possible to lay on a thicker layer of paint exactly where it's needed for better protection of the underlying metal surface.
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