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Default Re: spray can paint job.

Originally Posted by deacon View Post
well I am going to try to rub off some of the chrome rust since I have rain and cold days coming. If I cant ride I'll compound and polish chrome. By spring it should look like a real bike. Of course I might still be breaking it in. I have managed to ride about twenty miles so far and you of all people know when I started to ride it.
Try Permatex rust removal spay. I used it on an old motorcycle with lots of chrome that was rusted from top to bottom and end to end. It worked amazingly good. I brushed it on areas near painted surfaces. Mostly I applied the spay let it set as recommended and simply rinsed it of with a garden hose. I reapplied it on the tough spots and rubbed a little with a soft cloth and it looked like new again. It only took me about an hour. After removing the rust I applied chrome polish to protect the finish. I put over 50,000 miles on that bike before I sold it and it never rusted again...
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