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Default Re: not to impressed with first kit looking for upgrade

when I built my first bike I used a dax 47cc motor and out of the box I was impressed but I did not except much since I am 260lbs or more at any given time.

that said out of the box with a rt carb and voo doo exhaust the motor would pull me at over 30mph +. then I got a rse reed kit a puch 50cc hihi comp head and a rse reed kit.

I did a very mild port to the intake and exhaust more of a clean up. and a very mild 3rd transfer port and could easly run 40mph + with the stock 44t gear.

around 400 miles later the piston barren gave way so I got a dax balanced bottom end for 60 and his top end for 60 free shipping that way.

I cleaned up the ports put my hihi head on and voodoo exhaust along with minor port again.

the 66cc balanced had more low end and would run between 35 and 40 off the bat I sold it before it was completely broke in so I do not know what top speed was when it was broke in.

The guy that I sold the bike to was so happy because he had built several and none of his ran as smooth or had the power that this one had.

when I told him that all I really did was gasket match and clean the ports up he could not believe it.

I know I went on and on but all Im saying is it don't take much to get the right china girl to run the way it should and be more then what you need on a bike.
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