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Default Soupin up the gasbike

In the never ending quest for more performance and speed I have finally gotten around to swapping on the spare jug I ported a while back. Definitely worth the effort. The throttle response is better, the engine feels like it makes more power as I can drive as fast/faster with less throttle as compared to before. I also picked up a bit of top end speed as well. Cheap. Simple. Easy. Everyone should mod theirs this way. I know this has already been done by many people before myself, but I just wanted to share my success with it as well.

The Beast. ^^

I didn't really do anything to the transfer ports at this time, maybe on the next portjob I will gather up a long shank carbide burr and/or tiny files small enough to work the transfer ports by hand. I did break the sharp edge at the bottom of the transfer ports though. ^^

Exhaust port after port work. ^^

Intake port after port work. ^^
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