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Default Re: Your build on a $1000 budget?

Two of my builds that cost about exactly that much...

I think it's groovy looking & it's pretty comfortable for a two stroke, it goes like heck but does always need a bit of tinkering - a '43 Rollfast, in-frame kit, shiftkit through a 3sp SA ISH & drum brakes;

Not nearly as pretty as the above it was only supposed to be a temporary test bike, but after over six thousand miles later of year-round daily rider & beater use I've grudgingly realized it's without a doubt the most reliable transport I've ever had - a 2011 Mongoose Snarl, 48v 1000w 'Magic Pie' ehub, 15ah LiFePO4 battery pack;

What's "best" only the rider can decide ofc, which tool is right for the job you've in mind only you can call... If it's practical transport within a thirty mile range the electrics (hub kits) require little build time and no maintenance, they're pretty much literally plug & play whereas the fabricated bikes are a lot more fun, but aren't necessarily as "efficient" as strictly transport, there's always something more to do

I've a trike/recumbent & I love it - but it's not inexpensive (recumbent bits just aren't) and it's a bit unwieldy in no-shoulder traffic... while you could build a motorized recumbent trike for under a grand I find I use the ebike for just about everything except the cross country jaunts & camping trips as it's just easier - a 2013 fabricated fully suspended hybrid (49cc four stroke/electric hub) tadpole recumbent... not $1000 but there's potential in a DIY taddy lol;

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