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Heading to Oost Malle this eveining with Mo my moroccan friend who will be having a booth at the beurs--swap meet-- maybe pick up some goodies before everyone arrives tomorrow when it opens for the public!!!
My buddy Dirk from Vorsellar will also have a booth-- spent last monday with him tearing a honda rebel apart for parts-- a 17 year old who had bought it from him without parental permission!!!!!!--well papa went ballistic and took a sledge hammer to it to make a point--- kid gave it back to Dirk--

my parents would never let me have a motorcycle as a youngster-- a long time ago -- even though my dad rode a bike to and from work in manhattan many many decades before malcom forbes made such a thing popular or trendy
I see their point of course--it is dangerous!!!

cleaned the Zundapp points and viola has spark --will clean tank and run in the near future!!!

have the new session welding class tomorrow all day!!--yeah lookín forward to burning some mig wire on some of the bed frames and clothing racks I have accumulated

this morning coming back from bringing my daughter to school found a Decathalon womens bike ---cool heavy duty frame oversized tubing construction!!!
someone ran over the front wheel and was left as trash--yeah!!
going to resurrect it with a streeeetch and a top bar-maybe use the curved trampoline tubing i got at the scrapyard???

took a little pocket bike frame choped it as well and used the mandrels i got for free from the ship store that moved for setting eyelets in sails to round the rectangular tubing of the frame to accept the round tubing i have accumulated to stretch it to MANS size!!!

problem is deciding which and how many of the 6 current chop/build projects to drag to class tomorrow it is about 3-8ths of a mile and i have to walk/roll it tied to something or other to get it there and then home i sure look like the scrapiest of street characters going and coming in my overalls and --well you get the idea- it is the fancy side of town

--oh yeah visited the new RED STAR LINE MUSEUM google it if interested also near the house --the Cruise ship line responsible for transporting over a million immigrants from Antwerp to USA/CANADA in the late 1890s to after WWII -- primarily Ellis Island New York City

all the chop and stretch weld HERE is mostly get in shape for my california activity in a month-- been rainy and cold here though today at this instant!! it is sunny and clear but that could change in a second!!!

ride safe!!!

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