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Default Re: what on earth ??? a new kit ? upside down motor ?

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
Staton has made a side mounted drive like that for quite a while.

My buddy STrotter had one powered by a 35cc Robin Subaru and it goes great.
You do not even feel any effect from the motor and gearbox being hung off the side of the bike and it does not interfere with left hand turns.

Once again Staton innovates like His friction drive design and he gets a cheap Chinese "copy" made to compete with him.

BoyGoFast sold a side mounted set up with a 50cc 4 stroke Hausheng motor which came with a 2 stroke expansion chamber!!!! Those wacky Chinese never cease to amaze with the copies they screw up.
Wow, ok. I guess I stand corrected. I would love to drive one sometime just to see how it feels.
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