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Default Re: what on earth ??? a new kit ? upside down motor ?

I love the placement and concept of this style engine mount. Dave did a build way back. He called it "Junk Yard Dog"

In my little brain it solves a lot of the puzzles. Engine is out of the way of the pedals. Noise and vibes are behind and low. (low center of gravity) Allows for rack/storage space. Looks more like a bicycle. (legal stuff) and just all around, makes for the most efficient use of space and ease.

But a lot of folks don't like the look. But the "utilitarian" thing really puts a smile on my face.

Just my V.H.O. but really like it.

Bought the parts and a 99cc engine 2 yrs ago to do an "'ode to Junk Yard Dog" build. Gonna be strapped to the right side and horse-shoe over the wheel to a rag joint. (chain drive)
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