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Default Re: Clutch Wheelies on 2Stroke china girls (80cc)?

A shifting bike will let you pop wheelies but still be a useable fast ride especially with an electric drive. All I know is looking to subject an motorized bicycle to pop a wheelie's is make sure you get a good video because for the most part riding wheelies on a 2-stroke motorized bicycle is doomed for failure in short order from the start and your video is more likely to be a Darwin Awards video that a U-tube sensation.

Just my thoughts because yes, I have built many bikes that can easily pop a wheelie but it's like riding a unicycle with a pack of rabid monkeys on your back changing the weight to maintain and well, just kinda dumb to risk your body and machine to show off don't ya think?

Naw, you don't think about that when you are young, I didn't either and why only being in mid 50's I am in constant pain from stupid past injuries and can't help but give you warnings I never got.

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