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Default Re: Clutch Wheelies on 2Stroke china girls (80cc)?

i run a 44 tooth and a modded motor, ... lots of porting, cut on piston, puch hi hi head EXE....

and i can wheely pretty easy when riding

the trick for me is to be running at the rpm right at the begining of my power band and then whack the thottle wile pulling up just a lil bit and the front wheel goes RIGHT UP !

then again i can wheelie just by being in the beginning of the power band and whacking the throttle as the front tire rides up the curve on a sidewalk (u know the curve on the sidewalks where the crosswalks end and begin ?) at those spots with the curve, the front wheel will lift up without me even pulling on the bars at all if i whack the trhottle at the right time .

wheelies are easyer with a 44 or 48 but you will be limeted to around 35 mph no matter how many mods you have because of rpm restrictions

the trick is to be right at the beginning of your power band then whack it and pull up !

do not dump the clutch !!!!!!! its a good way to break sh$t
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