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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

for anybody who needs a clutch lever and dosent have time to waste a bicycle shifter thumb or grip shift works great its a lot harder to ride but if you need to get around it will work for ya i mounted a rear shifter from a 21 speed mtb on my bike and ran the "used" "rusted" cable to my clutch arm adjusted it and added the spring and it worked great its still on the bike today even though i sold the bike haha its also i cool mod if you dont have a locking clutch lever and you need to pedal around or move your bike in the garage because the clutch will lock in place by the shifter also a quick tip for the clutch cable spring junk the stock spring and get a firmer thicker one from home depot or lowes i fought with my bike forever trying to adjust my clutch to where it would fully disengage and push my lever back out turns out my spring just needed more stiffness
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