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Default Re: Power issues

i would start at the carb adjust your idle screw on the left side of the carb run it in all the way and turn it out 3 and a half turns. if this helps pull in your clutch and set the idle to where you want it

if your leaking oil its from your exhuast gasket if there not installed just right they heat up and melt and burn off and oil will leak all over your motor i recomend you get the thickest exhuast gasket you can and put on there i made my own out of high temp gasket material and put 3 stacked on top of each other and never had a problem but it was thinner gasket material no power could indicate that you dont have back pressure on your pipe and a leaking gasket would do that also try taking out your plug and seeing if its fouled out if so buy a new plug see if it helps try putting your thumb over the spark plug hole to check for compression pop the clutch and keep it locked and rotate the engine over while pressing down at the spark plug hole there should be lots of pressure there pushing against your finger if it was me i would suspect the carb spark plug cdi or magneto all of these are cheap and easy to replace
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