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Default Re: Ammo Can Panniers

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i've used those on a few bikes. they work great.

when i flipped my bike at 40mph the lid stayed closed and kept my gummy bears safe. hopefully you'll never have to experience that...
What caused the major malfunction that led to you flipping your bicycle @ 40+? OUCH ... that musta hurt .

I went down at 25-30 mph and felt it for a month..mine was black ice though not malfunction.. malfunction of the brain mabey!

All I remember was... all of a sudden I see the ground coming up fast and you say to yourself "this is gonna hurt .. then thud ,thud ,ooof ,crunch, & the screech or metal on the tar. then quiet" like that quiet few moments after a child hurts himself....up until the pain realization sets in then the wailing starts.
Except my wailing is me screaming out rude colorful metaphors and tossing the bike around for a few minutes. ...Let me guess chain locked up on ya?
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