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Default Re: 2 Stroke Engine Product Lifespan in USA

Originally Posted by mr42ndstblvd View Post
they will never outlaw 2 stroke kits america makes to much money taxing the imports on it anytime a kit is airmailed or comes on the boat it has been taxed by are goverment to the seller so they can ship them across to us the taxes alone will keep us importing these kits for years to come if they banned these kits they would have to ban a million other things that run on 2 stroke and i dont see them banning weed whackers or chainsaws anytime soon. im all in favor of cleaner air and not making alot of nasty waste but in the end when it comes to it im still gunna hope on my bike and ride it to work everyday because i have to make money so i can eat. and in all reality tree's and other plants and even clouds absorb alot of the pollution we put out if they did not dont you think most of are air would be toxic by now? we have been running these gas cars bikes motorcycles for over 140 years if there wasnt something sucking up that bad pollution and putting out fresh air we would have already ran out of good air if you feel worried about pollution go plant a nice garden and buy up some land and plant some fresh tree's balance the equation its all you can do
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