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Default Re: is there anny real differnce in engine kits?

Dax and Arrow (and CR machine now) are the only engines I'm aware of that actually do anything more to the engines other than up the price. None of the "upgraded" kits I've seen were worth a penny more than the ebay kits.
Dax has a great reputation here with his balanced bottom end motor, Arrow builds sweet (expensive) stuff too. Don't know much about fred (cr machine) but his stuff looks pretty nice...and at the prices he charges, they should be!
Unless you buy from these three, there is no or very little difference in quality from kit to kit as far as I've seen.
I've built at least 30 or 35 kits from many different vendors. I buy strictly from rose 326 and mingsinternational now. (same vendor)
IF I ever decide to build a better quality engine, it will start with a Dax bottom end.
Just my opinion. You will hear many who disagree.
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
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