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Default is there anny real differnce in engine kits?

we all know you can get a deal on a 80cc china motor kit on ebay for 150 bucks ive had about 2 of them and have no complaints if you use quality oil "i use royal purple" and decent gas they run forever my last motor had around 5000 miles or more probablly had over 50 tanks of gas ran thru it

my question is this some sites like dax claim that there motors are built with only high quality parts and are balanced cranks high grade japan bearings ect ect ect is it really worth the extra cost to get a f80 from dax or is it just a rip off and the same qulaity as ebay specials? i have a friend who builds motorized bicycles for a living and he swears by ebay kits and that they are exactlly the same as dax or grubby stinger ect hes assymbled and sold over 89 bicycles including 4 jackshafts and a hand full of choppers so i would trust he knows a thing or to lol
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