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Default Re: Weak Ass Brakes

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
My question would be why the disc you installed on the front was "weak"? Properly sized, installed and adjusted disc brakes are the best choice for front brakes. Even the small 160mm rotors are good enough to lock up a front wheel if you really romp on them.
Maybe a picture of your installation would help us tell you why yours didn't perform for you.

I concur!! Disc brakes are the best kind of brake out there!! That's why you see them on the front of every modern (quality) vehicle!

Originally Posted by wheelbender6 View Post
My front disk brake became very weak on my pedal bike. I cleaned the rotor and pads with alcohol, hit them with some fine sand paper and recleaned them. Braking power returned to normal.
That's a very good point!! (Brake cleaner works better)!
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